Continuing education

​The first three full days of the EyeSki 2019 program will be dedicated to OCT technologies and will be the All Things OCT Conference (a conference in a conference, if you will), and will include OCT applications in retinal and macular disease, glaucoma, neuro ophthalmology, OCT angiography, and anterior segment OCT applications.  A hands on workshop will be available for you to sign up for, which is included in your registration.  The last two days of the EyeSki conference will dedicated to current management of eye diseases and conditions facing each of us every day, as well as novel treatment paradigms and evidenced based medicine.  REGISTRATION FEES INCREASE AFTER DECEMBER 15, 2018, SO REGISTER EARLY TO SAVE!

Continuing Education is Sponsored by ICO

The Full EyeSki program is as follows, and includes all 5 days:

Monday, March 4, 2019

7-9AM                   The Future of Retinal Imaging has Arrived 

​                                   Joseph J. Pizzimenti, OD, FAAO  (COPE # 58655-PS)

430-630PM           Glaucoma Update:  Identifying Progression

                                   James L. Fanelli, OD, FAAO  (COPE #49885-GL)

Tuesday, March 5, 2019

7-9AM                   OCT for Macular Disease

                                   Leonard V. Messner, OD, FAAO  (COPE #49189-PS)

​9-11AM                  Posterior Segment Technology Workshop A

                                    Joseph J. Pizzimenti, OD, FAAO  (COPE #51543-PS)

430-630PM           OCT in Neuro Ophthalmic Disease

                                   Leonard V. Messner, OD, FAAO  (COPE PENDING)

Wednesday, March 6, 2019

7-8AM                   The Sequential ARM Work-Up Using SD-OCT

​                                   Julie Rodman, OD  (COPE #49429-PS)

8-9AM                    OCT Angiography

                                    Julie Rodman, OD  (COPE 349566-PD)

9-11 AM                 Posterior Segment Technology Workshop B

                                   Joseph J. Pizzimenti, OD, FAAO  (COPE #51543-PS)

430-630PM           Grand Rounds in Multi Modal Imaging

                                   Pizzimenti, Fanelli, Messner, Rodman  (COPE # PENDING)

Thursday, March 7, 2019

7-9AM                   Refractive Lens Exchange in the Glaucoma Patient Pearls and Pitfalls

​                                   Richard Mangan, OD, FAAO  (COPE #60228-RS)

430-630PM           Ocular Urgencies and Emergencies:  Are You Prepared

                                   Richard Mangan, OD, FAAO  (COPE #60237-GO)

Friday, March 8, 2019

​7-9AM                   Meet the Choroid

                                   Joseph J. Pizzimenti, OD, FAAO  (COPE # 52552-PS)

430-630PM           An Organized Approach to Laboratory Studies

​                                   James Fanelli, OD, FAAO  (COPE # 60347-PD)

Please note: March 4, 5 and 6 make up the All Things OCT program, whereas March 4, 5, 6, 7, and 8 constitute the entire EyeSki Program.  Your registration should indicate whether or not you are planning to attend the partial program (All Things OCT-3 days) or the Full Program (EyeSki-5 days).

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